The Customer Service team at your service!

LAURENT – Chief of Account Managers

Laurent is the chief of the Account Managers. He animates his team!

With a solid experience in the world of household appliances, he is also in charge of this category of products.

KAI – Asia Manager

Kai is the most multilingual of managers. 7 languages spoken fluently including Chinese and Japanese.

It deals more particularly with the Asian continent.

CÉCILE – Western Europe Manager

She is the person responsible for relations with French customers. She is also attached to the quality department and every time makes every effort to bring you solutions.


Our native Reunion is the head of relations with EMEA (Europe Middle East & Africa)

SARAH – South Europe Manager

The sun for our devoted Sarah! She deals with Italian, Portuguese, Greek and Spanish marketplaces.

After Sales Service and Logistics

VIRGINIE – After Sales Service Manager

A returned product necessarily passes through the returns service led by Virginie. She also has appreciated expertise in transportation and logistics.